Green Services

Our vision for Rae Marie is to be a hub for sustainable living & design. We believe it is possible to stop living in excess, to make more informed consumer choices, and to use our natural resources more responsibly. In essence, to follow our mission of doing no harm. To fulfill our vision, we offer a number of services beyond our product lines.

  1. Going Green Parties: Part green living seminar and part shopping in the comfort of your living room, our Going Green Parties are a great way to socialize with your friends & colleagues while learning about our eco-friendly products. We explain in detail the benefits of each of our products and how to use them as well as provide participants incentives and discounts for attending.

  2. Sustainable Living Seminars: These educational workshops focus on a specific topic, from organic home gardening, to zero-waste living, to sustainable design practices. We partner with experts in their fields to give you information for living in alignment with nature.

  3. The Green Home Assessment: Transitioning to green living can feel overwhelming, so we have developed a service to help you. We will meet with you to design a plan for ridding your house of toxic cleaning products, streamlining waste reduction, and even go as far as designing a rainwater catchment system. Our action plan will give you concrete steps for living better.

  4. Home Organization: Need to find more space in your home? We have a keen eye for arranging space for maximum flow & efficiency. We will design an organization system that works with your lifestyle as well as provide you with a maintenance check list that will keep your home tidy 24/7.

Sustainable living is possible. We look forward to sharing our knowledge and expertise with you. To schedule a Going Green service, please contact us.

White Label & Product Services

Do you own a company, hotel, Airbnb and need amenities for VIP clientele or guests? We are happy to work with you to formulate a product unique to your brand identity, budget and needs. Please contact us for more details.