Sunday Rituals For A Smoother Week

By Neochea Flowers

Happy Friday, folks!

For those among us clocking a steady nine-to-five, Friday through Sunday can offer reprieve from office duties; and a chance to reconnect to self and core personal desires. If today marks the beginning of your weekly vacation, perhaps thoughts of the coming week are farthest from your mind. But, stick with me for a smidgen.

Even with a more flexible schedule, the quality of the hours matter, and make the difference between order and chaos in the work-life balance. Should you find yourself teetering on the edge of chaos, or just seeking aid to stay on top of things, here are a few suggestions for ways to smoothly sail through the week ahead. Promise, it will only take a small chunk of your weekend.

  • Make a To-Do List

When was the last time you made a list and crossed all tasks off? Could it be that the list seemed to go on forever and after time felt like a load? Or, have you never been the list-making type?

Perhaps this could be worth a try. Let’s start small.

This Sunday, check your calendar. Project for the week. What are the five (5) next best steps towards achieving your goals? Simple things. An email, a call, an errand.. You name it. Remember, simple. Jot these down to your liking with colored pens, pencils or markers. Paste them somewhere clearly visible. You can go a step further and draw for a bulletin board, white board, etc. Again, you name it.

You can also take advantage of reminder applications built-in to most smartphones, or download apps like Todoist and Google Tasks —which is also available as an add-on in Gmail on desktop.

  • Meal Plan + Prep:

Who can relate to the stomach-sinking feeling of an empty fridge after a long day of work? We benefit from take-out being a click or a call away, but nothing beats a good home-cooked meal. Extra points if it’s by your hands.

I’m not at all saying to dive into cooking every night if that’s something you’re not used to. But, how does planning on Friday, shopping on Saturday and cooking on Sunday sound? Have your very own warm meals throughout the week in no time.

Again, simple steps:

  • Research recipes for your favorite foods. - I mean multiple search engine tabs people, and of course, good old recipe books. Adjust the ingredients based on how many servings you’d like. You’ll have the option to skip the take-out if your version is a win.

  • Make a Budget + Check Your Inventory. - Look in your cupboard, fridge, freezer, pantry and drawers. What needs to be stocked? What can you save for another meal?

  • Shop

  • Prep

  • Cook

  • ???

  • Eat


But most of all, make it fun. These Sunday Rituals are small suggestions, but they can lead to big change. Your Sunday Ritual can be anything that keeps you in order, flow; gives you a moment of peace, rest, stillness or the biggest of belly laughs!

Whatever it is, we hope you share it with us. If you try any of ours, let us know how they serve you!