3 Benefits of Using Wool Dryer Balls

By Corey Breneisen

Our favorite eco laundry hack at Rae Marie is using old fashion solar power to dry our clothes. But when April showers come calling and our clothesline is out of service, we turn to our Felted Wool Dryer Balls for an eco laundry boost. Here are 3 reasons you should start using wool dryer balls for your laundry routine:

  1. Reusable & Nontoxic: If you haven’t ditched your dryer sheets yet, now is the time! Not only do dryer sheets create a lot of waste, but they damage your dryer, your clothes and your health! (Read more about toxic dryer sheets here.) Our wool dryer balls are made from 100% wool roving and are needle felted by hand. So not only are you getting a practical laundry tool, but a lovely handmade work of art too! While dryer sheets are one and done, wool dryer balls have an infinite life span. When you are ready for a change, simply toss the dryer balls into your compost.

  2. Reduces Drying Time & Static: Using 6 wool dryer balls in a heavy load (think blue jeans) can reduce drying time by 30-40%. That savings goes right into your wallet. Smaller drying time means a smaller electric bill. Wool absorbs up to 30% of its weight in water. Wool also has the magic ability to balance electrons thereby breaking the static cling! Dryer sheets use toxic silicone to break the static barrier. That silicone creates a film on your clothes as well as your dryer. Once on your fabric, it will be absorbed into your skin and can cause a host of allergen & respiratory issues.

  3. Softens Fabric & Eliminates Odours: Wool dryer balls are like a massage for your laundry! They gently pound the fibers in your clothes as they bounce around the dryer keeping the fibers soft, pliable and fluffed. As we stated earlier, wool is absorbent and that goes for odours too!

Are you ready to make the switch? We are happy to help you transition to your Green Lifestyle through our Going Green program. For more natural cleaning tips, be sure to follow our Instagram. We post eco life hacks and natural cleaning tips on Saturdays.

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Get Your Spring Clean On

By Corey Breneisen

Spring is here and with it comes the ritual of cleaning. We’ve rounded up our best cleaning pro-tips to get your house sparkling~with a little help from Mother Nature.

Here are 5 Pro-Tips for All Natural Spring Cleaning:

  1. Use Recycled Newspaper for Streak Free Glass & Mirrors. First spray the surface to be cleaned with your favorite scent of our All Purpose Cleaner. Next, gently crush a page of newspaper until it’s soft. Wipe down surface. Then stand back and admire your reflection! You are a cleaning diva!

  2. Use an Old Toothbrush for Deep Cleaning Tile Grout. Wet the toothbrush with water and then dip it into our Soft Scrub Tile Cleaner. Attack the grout in your shower or backsplash in your kitchen. Rinse. Buff with a gentle cloth. Now take a deep breath and enjoy that fresh lemon & eucalyptus scent!

  3. Wash your Shower Curtain with a Load of Towels. The best way to combat mildew on your plastic shower curtain liner is to give it a wash every few weeks. Add it to a load of towels for balance and friction. Use your favorite scent of our Powdered Laundry Soap and watch the magic happen!

  4. Air Linens & Rugs in the Sunshine. Time to put away the heavy comforters and get out the lightweight bedspreads and throws! Before putting them on your beds, hang them on the clothesline in the sun to kill dust mites and release any unpleasant odors they may have absorbed while in Winter storage. Give them a spritz with one of our nontoxic Linen Sprays!

  5. Use Wool Dryer Balls to Cut Drying Time. We love hanging our laundry on a clothesline to dry, but those April showers can foil our plans. When the rains come, use 2-3 of our Felted Wool Dryer Balls to decrease the amount of time your clothes will have to spend in the dryer. They also help with lint and static.

Rae Marie makes it easy to get your Spring Cleaning done the natural way. Ready to Go Green? Order our Detox Box and get all of our home care essentials. Need some help in making the transition to Green Living? Book a Going Green consultation.