By Corey Breneisen

Rae Marie has reached yet another cross roads in our journey. Our commitment to sustainable living and promoting a zero waste lifestyle has us thinking about packaging for our products. Currently we use recyclable plastic, tins and cardboard. Our labels are made from craftpaper and are nontoxic. However, we know we can do even better when it comes to minimizing our carbon footprint.

We have been on the search for biodegradable and compostable containers to replace the plastic we currently use. At events and markets we have done away with the soap boxes and offer our bars in their natural state. (For re-selling with our retail partners, we continue to use the boxes for ease of transport and to extend the shelf-life, but we are considering alternatives—canvas bags, perhaps?)

Our vision is to become a #ZeroWaste Brick and Mortar Store, where you, the customer, will bring your own containers to refill. All of these ideas sound wonderful to us, but we would like to bounce them off of you. If you could please take a moment to fill out the quick survey below, we would appreciate the feedback. Your input matters to us, and ultimately helps us to meet your needs and address your concerns.

Thank you!

Namaste~The Rae Marie Family

We are Women

By Amy Ford

It's international Women’s Day! We are so thankful to be women who are in charge of our careers and who have established ourselves as business owners. We are proud to say we are women who can run a business while taking on other various roles in our personal lives. We are grateful to be able to work with and build a team of women who bring unique talent and perspective to our vision and mission. To be able to take control and be in this position is empowering and at the same time nerve wracking. This position of power comes with uncertainty, lots of faith, and a strong sense of self.

But, when your desires become stronger than the unknown or the scary, beautiful things can transform. Establishing Rae Marie comes with embracing our fears, owning our present moment and our present selves, and creating a positive mindset that feeds the fuel to our coming out at the very top. Being brave is scary and it can take many bruises to the ego in order to really start believing that we are capable of achieving what we set out to do.

The initial step is not being scared to be seen or heard.  Vulnerability is the foundation of building any business and as women, we have to prove that our vulnerability is not our weakness but our strength that holds up each layer of each floor. We push forward to climb and build each layer as we cut through the red tape that has told us to give up. When we hear no, we take that as another opportunity to grow even bigger and even better. The years of building Rae Marie has been a time of learning our place, our power, and our chance to live our life within our control. We make no apologies for being women, for not taking no as our answer, for being exactly who we were meant to be.

We are warriors. We are women. Watch out! We are nowhere near done!