HomeMade Days in the Park

By Corey Breneisen

June in the Northern River Valley means HomeMade Days in Brandon Park. From the time I was a little girl, I remember enjoying this two day event featuring local artisans, craftspeople, live music and food. Tagging along with my mom and grandma, we would make our way through the park, my attention always drawn to vibrant hand crochet dolls or landscape paintings reflecting the local scenery.

It’s exciting for Rae Marie to become part of this long standing tradition. For me, personally, I couldn’t ask for a better homecoming. It’s an opportunity for us to establish ourselves as part of the local community of makers, and to maybe catch the eye of a little girl wandering through the park behind her mom and grandma.

Please come out and join us today and tomorrow. We will have all of your Rae Marie favorites plus a few surprises, as well as our new Rum Bar!

homemade days.png