Sustainable Kids

By Amy Ford

Being mothers who strive for sustainability, we are always searching for ways to teach and encourage our children the same. Sustainability is easy to teach and is simply taught through action and showing. Children need to know the impact we have on the Earth and what they can do to help within their generation and after.

Sustainability is the conscious act of helping our planet function at its best. There are many activities that we can do with our children in order to show them how they can live a more eco-conscious life.

RECYCLE: there are many ways in which we can teach children about recycling. We can teach them how to sort through glass and plastic bottles, jars, and containers. Recycling various papers and cardboard. Even getting creative through upcycling into arts and crafts projects by using the recyclables is great way for children to learn how to reduce their own carbon footprint.

LOCAL: thrift store shopping and farmer’s markets are a great way for children to understand community outreach and local support.

NATURE: the greatest way a child can learn about sustainability is by spending time in nature. Learning, exploring, and hands-on activities can help children understand how important it is to tend to the earth. Planting vegetable gardens, planting flower gardens, planting trees, going on hikes. The options are endless when it comes to enjoying the natural beauty of our outdoor world.

READ: what better way to learn than by reading to children. There are over a hundred different kinds of sustainable stories that are geared toward children. It is a great way to introduce children to sustainability and to engage them in relevant discussions. One of our favorites, “The Lorax.”

JOIN: join clubs and organizations dedicated to sustainable living. Make a list of different ones that piques the interest of your children and discuss which ones you can follow along with and join forces with to spread the word and get others within your community, involved.

The littlest steps can make the biggest impacts. Children learn best through action. When we devote time to teaching them the importance of the health of the environment, we are already making a difference in their future!

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It's not.”
― Dr. Seuss, The Lorax