Making the Switch to a Natural Roll-On

by Amy Ford

Product Corner! Today on the blog we are going to talk about our Natural Roll-On.

The move to using greener and more health-conscious products is not an overnight fix. Our bodies acclimate to our habits, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that when we change something, it’s going to take our bodies time to adjust to the new norm. Natural products aren’t difficult to use; you just need consistency, patience, and time. And trust us, the health benefits of making the switch far out weigh the small amount of time it takes for your body to accept the changes you are making.

So, here’s what you need to know about switching to our natural roll-on:

The Look Factor: Natural products may look and act different when using. Our natural roll-on is softer and has a higher melting point than traditional deodorants. This is because there aren’t any preservatives in it just for it to be more stabilized and held together longer. Our roll-on is made with fewer ingredients from the purest oils. We wholeheartedly believe in “less is more” which is why you will find only a few ingredients in our roll-on without any cheap or toxic fillers.

The Application Factor: Again, the less is more theory applies here as well. We are programmed to think the more we have, the more we use, more, more, more, is better. Adding more creates unnecessary layers and unwanted layers to any aspect of life. More clutter equals more chaos equals more problems. Most generally, natural products include fewer ingredients and come in smaller quantities and sizes. This is to help reprogram your habits of not overdoing it and understanding that a little goes a long way. So, when applying our roll-on, 1-3 swipes is all you need. Applying more no matter what kind of product you are using, will not help you sweat less or smell less or look better, and will only leave more residue build-up on your clothes.

The Sweat Factor: Yes, you will sweat! We get asked this All. The. Time. Sweat is not the enemy, NOT sweating is! Sweat is healthy, it is natural, and it is necessary for your body in order to keep the peace and balance of your body properly functioning. Do you know we have approximately 4 million sweat glands throughout our body? Our sweat glands and how we sweat, tell us a lot about our bodies and our overall health. There are many reasons why our bodies need to sweat; to detox, to remove disruptors, to regulate body temperature, promote healthier skin and bodies from microbes, and it even protects our heart. Stopping the body from doing what it is supposed to do, creates toxicity and health issues, so be proud of that glistening glow!

The Smell Factor: Our sweat is not what determines our smell. Our body chemistry does. Whatever we eat, our stress levels, our exercise habits, our overall lifestyle, impacts our overall smell to how minimal or to how pungent of a scent we give off. This is in turn, determines how different scents smell on us. Certain scents smell differently on the person wearing it, so not every scent is going to work the same on each of us. This is most notably the responses we receive when people tell us that natural deodorants don’t work for them. In our roll-on we use a combination of ingredients and scents to help combat odor. This is where patience plays a big factor when making the switch. Give your body time to acclimate to your new habits. Don’t give up after the first week. There is a scent out there for all of us!

And finally,

The Health Factor: Conventional, toxic-laden body care products can take some time to eliminate from our bodies. Making the switch to our natural roll-on will help promote a healthier you. We stay away from aluminum which is a heavy metal linked to diseases such as Alzheimers, parabens which are endocrine disruptors linked to diseases such as breast cancer, and artificial fragrances that are engineered scents that can contain up to a combination of thousands of chemicals just to achieve that one scent. These engineered scents can be linked to numerous health issues including hormone disruption, respiratory problems, allergies, and skin sensitivities.

Our natural roll-on is a safe and effective alternative to traditional deodorants and antiperspirant. We believe fewer is better, real is better and natural is better. We don’t sacrifice quality, health or well-being and look to create products that reduce toxic exposure on your skin and body. Remember consistency + patience+ time = improved health and wellness when taking the leap from traditional to non-traditional.  In the end, your body will say, “thank you”.