Happy Mother's Day

By Amy Ford

As we celebrate the Goddess of Motherhood this weekend, I reminisce about growing up in our home and the stand out moments of what was instilled in me that will always be a part of how I go through life and share as a mother to my own. One that stands out most, is the significance of music in our home. Growing up, my siblings and I were surrounded by music. A Saturday and Sunday morning were almost always met with the Oldies radio station at high volume while our mom danced and sang, cooking in the kitchen. Before you could wipe the sleep from your eyes, you could bet that you would always be met by her singing smile, her snapping fingers, and that you would instantly be grabbed and jitter bugging through the downstairs before your brain could fully comprehend what was going on.

Our mom had a tremendous vinyl collection that we were always digging through and playing on the record player. There was even an 8-track player in the stereo which was fun to impress our fellow teenage friends with. It didn’t matter what room in the home you were in and even outside, there was always some type of radio or stereo playing music and usually some type of dance party happening with it. Music was my mom’s way of connecting with us. She used it as an outlet to help us be able to express ourselves creatively and emotionally. She would use it as a tool to connect individually with us and to help us connect with each other as siblings.

To this day, my siblings and I have an ongoing message filled with shared songs of all decades and styles. When we hear songs that remind us of each other, bring us back to our childhood, or we think the other would appreciate, we instantly send it; which usually leads to a rabbit hole of sharing other songs within the same genre.

A love and appreciation for music is one of the greatest gifts our mom has given to us. It is what carries us through our ups and downs, is the comfort we seek when we feel far away from each other, and bonds us as family.  Even now, when we come home and open the door to our childhood home, you can be sure that you will be greeted with music filling every corner of the home and our mom’s singing smile to welcome us in!

Blessings to the all the women who love, sing, and dance you through life! Happy Mother’s Day!