Cleaning Out Our Brain Space

By Amy Ford

Now that Spring is here, we have been reading many tips and tricks on cleaning and organizing our physical spaces that we work and live in. Getting our personal spaces in order whether it be our homes, our work spaces, or even our cars, can help for us to feel lighter and more put together as we tackle the daily life grind. There are so many benefits to having a clean and functional space to thrive, but another important area we need to keep in check to feel lifted and functional is our mental spaces.

We are all prone to too much brain noise. We are constantly shifting our thought processes in order to handle the messages coming in and the ones going out. Each person we encounter in a given day is different and the energy they bring with them is constantly changing. Mentally, we suck in so much noise, that it is hard to know what to do with it all. Journaling is a great way to brain dump anything that needs cleaned from our mental spaces and doesn’t require you to be a best selling author in order to do so!

Writing is a daily practice that helps us start our day or end our day and can take 1 minute, 15 minutes, or more depending on what capacity you need mentally to just let it all out. Journaling about our stress can help bring more clarity to the situation and allow for us to resolve what at first we perceived was so difficult. We become more rational and can in turn communicate more effectively and with more clarity.

The opposite is also true! We don’t always have to write about what is bothering us, but can also write about happy moments shared throughout our day too. When we journal about the things that excited us or made us smile, we are creating memories within ourselves that we can relive when we need the reminder of gratitude and blessings.

There are no rules to journaling, no MLA format you have to follow, no footnotes, or bibliography pages; it’s simply the best way to write! Writing in a journal doesn’t have to be scary or perfect or follow any specific guidelines. It’s a healthy and effective way to turn down the mental noise and make room for a more proactive and productive you!

Below are just some tips on helping kick start your writing:

*Write what you know! (whatever is filling you up, just write it all out!)

*Write what you see.

* Write what you are thankful for in that moment or that day. It doesn’t have to be pages long, a few sentences will do the trick.

* Pinterest! Pinterest has many great journal writing prompts that can be found such as 30 day Writing Challenges, Journal Prompts for Self-Reflection, Gratitude prompts, etc.

*Rewrite or create your own daily, positive affirmations. Affirmations are a great way to keep your mental space strong and positive! Be your own best cheer squad by writing how AWESOME you are!

Happy Journaling!