Spring Has Arrived

"Nature gives to every time and season some beauties of its own." -Charles Dickens

There’s a shift in our routine as we rise up from Winter’s sleep into the awakening of Spring. Nature hums with new beginnings on the horizon as everything prepares to stretch its blossoming limbs. The shifting of the seasons is beautiful. Each season smells different. Each season sounds different. Each season we feel different. Spring brings that feeling of being revived. We can dust ourselves off and start planning where the best place is to plant ourselves and see what blossoms in the coming months ahead.

Spring is the season of hope. It reminds us that with patience and time, things begin to take shape and form. We can see them, we can feel them, we can smell them. It reminds us that those winter daydreams are tangible desires; we just need to give them a chance to breathe and bloom. Spring brings with it possibility. And when there’s possibility, there’s discovery. And with discovery, there is hope.

So as you rise up, stretch, and yawn out the still of winter; take a moment to awaken the senses by breathing in deep, pausing to listen, opening your eyes, grounding your feet, and tasting the sweetness of the fresh air you just breathed in. The season of Hope is here and it’s waiting to nourish your desires and dreams.

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