One Simple Choice

By Susan Neyhard Styer

What if I said that there was one small thing that each of us could do that would improve our health and well-being, help reverse climate change as well as other ecological threats on Earth, and end the suffering of billions of animals? You would be in, right?

The fantastic news is that it is not only simple, but entirely possible , and all it would take would be making better food choices.

We hold in our hands the ability to shift our diet to a whole food, plant based diet. Our nation’s leading killers, including heart disease, can be prevented or reversed through mindful eating.

Animal agriculture is among the top contributor to our planet’s most significant threat. Vast areas of land are destroyed and used for grazing, never mind the methane gas produced by these animals and the large land areas needed to grow grain for them, the trillions of gallons of water needed annually to support them, or the intolerable cruelty rendered to pigs, chickens and cattle.

It would be easy for us to look the other way ,but ask yourself, does it make sense to eat food that makes us sick to support a food system that is destroying the planet? By this one simple choice we can be part of the solution and empower ourselves at the same time by choosing to eat plants instead of animals.

Stay tuned for future blog posts that will give you the tools to easily transition to a whole food, plant based diet.