Stepping into Nature

By: Amy Ford

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” - John Muir

Growing up, nature was our playground.  As children we rode our bikes, built tree forts and snow forts, skipped rocks, creek stomped, made mud pies, collected leaves, sticks, and rocks for various creative projects, from sun up to sun down. Our cheeks were always flushed and our skin sun kissed with nature as our second home. Growing a business, it was important to us that nature was a big part of our brand. We want a business that is going to take care of our second home and give back to her what she provided for us growing up and for us in the present moment of our lives. Nature provides scientific backed evidence of impacting our health and wellness in many positive ways.

Being in nature is the biggest stress relief on our bodies. Our daily lives and schedules have so many variants that make our stress levels fluctuate. These stimuli cause our bodies to be physically and mentally exhausted at the end of the day, only for us to wake up and do it all over again. Taking a step out into nature among trees and quiet paths where we are exposed to the natural sounds of birds, insects, and water greatly decreases stress levels by helping the body to feel grounded and calm. Being able to inhale and exhale fresh air sends signals to the brain to relax and help us feel more balanced. In nature we can clear our minds from all the noise mentally and physically around us and bring ourselves back to center.

Nature is a mood booster! Do you ever get so filled up that you become restless and find yourself pacing around your home or office brooding on emotions that aren’t serving you? We have all felt that feeling of just being too full or too overwhelmed with emotion that we are so clouded by how we feel we can’t think about the next step or solution. Taking a 15 minute walk outside can instantly clear your mind and increase your mood. The landscape of natural surroundings has an instant effect on mood. Being in environments that are green or blue has a natural calming effect and creates increased feelings of happiness and contentment. So on those days when you are just not feeling up to it, allow yourself 15 minutes of Mother Nature’s medicine to breathe out the negative and inhale the positive, creating room for self-love to make its way back in!

Furthermore, decreasing stress and enhancing mood gives more room for inspiration and creativity. Changing up the scene in a day, especially outdoors immersed in natural beauty, creates mental clarity and room to explore creative thinking.  The cluttered imbalance of negative and positive ions that float about our environment through exposed technology does not help our brains rest. Instead it keeps them constantly turned on making us feel so brain fogged we can’t sort out our next move. Nature is known to have the opposite effect. Being outside allows for our brains to reset. Our brains are just like the devices we use every day. When our devices don’t work, we almost always restart them; we power off, wait a couple minutes, and turn them back on. Our minds are the smartest devices we own; it’s only natural that sometimes we need to turn them off in order to turn them on again. The healthiest way to rewire ourselves is to step outside and change what we see, how we feel, and what we think!

 #Invitenaturein and renew you!

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