3 Reasons You Need the Rae Marie Subscription Box in Your Life

By Corey Breneisen

Ready, Set, Subscribe!

If you have been following us closely over the last few months, we have been hinting at this very exciting new feature we are adding to our ecommerce store. On February 14th, the day of LOVE, we will be launching our first subscription box service! Now you will be able to have a bundled box of your favorite Rae Marie products delivered straight to your door on a monthly basis. We will be rolling out two boxes to start: Our Detox Box which features our home cleaning essentials: all purpose cleaner, laundry soap, stain remover & tile cleaner, and our NEW Beauty Box which will feature a selection of our natural body care products: soap, deodorant, raw lotion & chapstick.

So why do you need the Rae Marie Subscription Box in your life? Let me count the ways:

  1. Set It & Forget It: Our subscription plan ensures you will always have your favorite Rae Marie products in stock! You will never have to put off another laundry day because you ran out of Powdered Laundry Soap! Once your subscription is activated, your order will automatically ship to you each month.

  2. Green is Clean: The Environmental Working Group (EWG), published an article on recent studies that found using traditional cleaning products do the same amount of damage to your lungs as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day! Our products clean effectively while remaining safe for your home and body.

  3. Do it for the Love: Give your loved ones the gift of a Rae Marie Subscription. The bundled boxes are perfect for house warming, weddings,best friend birthdays, new babies or new mamas needing some self care, or for anyone in your life looking to make a lifestyle change.

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