Happy Housewarming!

Buying a new home is exciting and being invited to share the new space with loved ones is even more fun. House warming gifts are thoughtful ways to show your excitement for friends and family to honor this new adventure in their lives. Finding the right gift can sometimes be tricky, especially when you’re not sure what someone already has or what style they may prefer for their space. The best rule of thumb when buying a house warming gift is to provide a gift that is considerate, useful, and helpful to their new space.  

We believe in gifts that are sustainable and practical that will show thought but also not clutter their new home with extra stuff they may not need or use. Here are a few sustainable gift ideas that we have to help curate the perfect gift baskets that are sure to make any new home owner smile and feel welcome in their new home:

 1)      Reusable Bags: not only are tote bags and market bags great for the grocery store or farmer’s market, they are also great for carrying along clothes for changing into when traveling to and from the office, the gym or yoga studio, books for school, papers for work, etc. Reusable bags are practical and useful and are a great way to help minimize the use of plastic and clutter of unnecessary bags. They are a great addition for any homeowner and can always be used and reused in any home for a variety of purposes. Check out our online store for our beautifully hand-crocheted market bags and logo canvas totes; made ethically and with sustainable materials.

 2)      Cleaning Kit: that feeling of newness and being in a new space creates the feeling of wanting to keep everything organized and clean. Providing new homeowners with a basket of fresh cleaning supplies is a great way to help them keep the “new” feeling alive. We recommend eco-friendly cleaners that help to keep the home safe and are easy on sensitivities. Using plant based cleaners made with plant based essential oils are a safe choice to gift and show consideration for a healthy home and environment. Our Detox Box is the perfect choice for any housewarming gift as it provides you with home care and laundry care products to help celebrate any new home while investing in the health and wellness of all who live there.

 3)      Bar Soaps: Soaps for the bathroom or the kitchen are great additions to any new home; practical and always necessary! We recommend gifting handmade bar soaps crafted with ethically sourced ingredients that are good for the skin and body. Our bath and body line of soaps offer a great variety for the bathroom and kitchen and are made consciously with plant based ingredients and essential oils. Our soaps are also packaged with biodegradable and environment friendly boxes to help minimize plastic waste; a great addition to any new home.

 4)      Plants: plants are the perfect gift to any new home! They provide warmth and comfort and remind us of the beauty of our natural elements that surround us outdoors. Some people may be intimidated by caring for plants, but gifting them one that is low maintenance and easily adaptable in any home will help. Some of the best indoor plants that are easy to care for in any home that we recommend are, pathos, spider plants, philodendrons, and succulent plants. A well-tended houseplant is a beautiful gift that can last for many years and be a wonderful reminder of any home or space it has traveled and lived in.

 5)      Tea and Coffee Basket with recipe: there is something comforting and soothing about being able to take a break, sit down, and enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea as you revel in a new space. It is also a great gift to share with others when inviting them into your home to gather as new and old friends. A great addition to add to the basket is a yummy muffin recipe that would go great with the tea and coffee for any new homeowner to try out in their new space. Go a step further and personalize the basket with a couple handmade mugs made by someone local to their new community where they just moved.

 Housewarming gifts are a thoughtful way to help make the new homeowners feel at home and welcomed into their new space, especially when it’s a gift that is practical and useful and will help to create a harmonious space filled with good energy. Shop online with us today and happy housewarming!