As we seek fresh ways to #InviteNatureIn, naturally, we encourage you to join along for the ride. 

Living in a busy city poses a constant battle for clean air. Even if you reside outside of a bustling metropolis, quality of air is paramount and can be controlled with a little help from green thumbs.

For those seasoned and new to the plant life, below, we’ve listed two of our top picks to give the home or office a mood boost, fresher air, and a touch of nature’s rich colours.



Ranked high in the realm of house plants, the Philodendron is a member of the Araceae family which houses over 450 species. Whether they are upright or  trailing, this genus reaches heights close to six feet and carries an array of colours and shapes, ranging from palm-sized heart-shaped ‘splattered’ leaves to massive, deep green leaves with splits. It has a preference for medium light intensity, but does well in low light conditions, and only needs watering once the soil appears dry. Remember to wipe leaves clean every once in a while to remove dust they may collect.

peace lily.jpg

With a preference for low light conditions, the Peace Lily's white blossom adds it’s own touch of light to any room it takes post in. A naturally humidifying evergreen, it thrives in moist, but not overwatered soil (or floating atop a bowl of fluoride-free water), and with a spritz to the leaves every so often. The blanche beauties filter carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and other harmful emissions from the air. 

However helpful they are to the home, they aren’t to be left in reach of little ones or pets, as the Spathiphyllum plant contains calcium oxalate, a chemical which in high doses irritates the stomach.

Do you have any top picks for house plants? Tell us in the comments! If you bring any of our top picks home, let us know about your progress.