Our Story

Rae Marie is a family owned company born out of the need to live a more authentic life. We began by crafting a line of natural soaps and cleaning products from local raw materials. Expanding to reach a global market, we are now an international brand operating in both North America and the Caribbean.

Each product is created by hand in small batches. This artisanal approach ensures the utmost care and attention goes into every item. Our products are free from harmful toxins, dyes or perfumes. We are committed to creating products that clean effectively while maintaining a balanced eco-system while supporting your overall health.

Inspired by the Slow Textile Movement, we craft our textile line by hand using from natural fibers such as hemp,linen, cotton and silk. Many of our colours come directly from local plant material. Our textiles tell the story of the plant, soil and weather from its region of origin.

The Rae Marie Story is one of nature, travel, family & love.

Thank you for coming on this journey with us~

The Rae Marie Family

Corey & Amy