Our Story

Rae Marie makes products that are good for the home, the body and the planet.

Our mission is to do no harm.

Our products are free from toxic chemicals such as fragrance oils, artificial dyes or toxic fillers. We use ethically sourced, fair trade and/or organic raw materials. You will never find destructive palm oil in any of our products. While we sometimes use beeswax for its healing properties, the majority of our products are vegan. Each product is created by hand in small batches. This artisan approach ensures the utmost care and attention goes into every item.

We take the same ecological approach to our packaging and branding materials. All of our containers are recyclable, reusable or biodegradable. Our goal is to practice a zero waste lifestyle to minimize our carbon footprint as well as consumer waste. We are committed to creating products that clean effectively while maintaining a balanced eco-system while supporting your overall health.

Our vision is to be a hub for sustainable living & design. Beyond making products, we offer services such as The Green Home Assessment, Sustainable Living Workshops & Home Organization Plans to help you live in alignment with nature.

About The Founders

We are sisters, mothers, environmentalists, and mindful manifestors! Our company began on the island of Jamaica as part of the Ujima Organic Farmer’s Market in Kingston. We have come full circle back to the Susquehanna River Valley in Northern Central Pennsylvania where we grew up. Our deep connection to the natural environment guides us as we create sustainable product lines that support overall health & wellness.

Along our journey, we have met some extraordinary mentors, guides, and cheerleaders from Sir Richard Branson to Jamaica’s Prime Minister, the Right Honorable Andrew Holness. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has supported our vision.

Namaste, Corey Rae & Amy Marie

Our story is one of nature, travel, family & love.

Our story is one of nature, travel, family & love.